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My Last Cold Sore

Posted on September 12, 2017

Is there anything more painful and embarrassing than a cold sore or fever blister? If you are like me, it’s tough to imagine anything that is. My name is Andrew Weiss. I am the founder of Aeura, an all-natural homeopathic remedy for cold sores, fever blisters and herpes.

For decades, I would get these giant, painful blisters on my lips and surrounding areas. They hurt with every breath I took. I could hardly open my mouth! When I say I tried everything, I mean everything I could find at the drugstore, the health food store, the doctor’s office, I tried it all.

Finally, after 17 years of 6+ outbreaks per year, each lasting 2-3 weeks (months of painful suffering each year), I had to take matters into my own hands. My mother had always used natural medicines and homeopathy at home and I really wanted to find something that was safe to take because until there is a cure for the herpes virus (yes, cold sores and fever blisters are a type of herpes virus) I knew I would have to continuously take something and didn’t want to damage my liver, experience side effects or anything else.

I created Aeura because I could not find anything on the market, prescription or alternative that would stop my outbreaks and I was not doing well with the side effects that I was experiencing with my prescriptions.

I read everything I could get my hands on and found myself drawn to a number of the homeopathic ingredients in the US Homeopathic Pharmacopeia, which contains all the approved homeopathic medicines for the US.

There was nothing from homeopathic medicine that was being recommended at the time so I began testing combinations of a half dozen individual homeopathic medicines. I began contacting homeopathic manufacturers and finally found a high-quality manufacturer in Germany that was willing to work on the formula with me.

The scientists at Heel Natural Medicines tried multiple formulations and after a lot of patience and testing on my group of friends that were also cold sore sufferers, we found the perfect homeopathic medicine for preventing and treating the symptoms of cold sores, fever blisters and canker sores. It’s FDA regulated, non-prescription, doctor recommended, safe, effective and it works!

Aeura was originally in all the big pharmacies, CVS, Eckerd, …but we did not have clinical research and a big advertising budget to get the name out there. We have been patiently waiting for several years to get the proof we knew was true from personal experience and from our loyal customers. Now we have a university study and several papers released in medical journals that show effectiveness over a control group and over a well know pharmaceutical. I am so proud of the final product and love getting feedback from satisfied customer telling me that Aeura has changed their life for the better!

Sufferers of cold sores, fever blisters, canker sores, herpes and shingles, can FINALLY be free of the symptoms.  If you suffer from any of these - PLEASE try Aeura today. You may never get that tingle again! 

There are two ways to take Aeura. The first is preventative. Just take 3 tablets a day and you may never have another outbreak again. 

My last cold sore was in 2013. It would have been even earlier than that but I went on a mountain hike and forgot my Aeura. By the time I got to my bottle it was too late. I had a big honker especially from the stress and sun exposure of my rigorous hike. I got rid of it in five days instead of two weeks but it still got ugly and painful. 

Now I take Aeura everyday for prevention. Haven’t had an outbreak since!

The other way to take Aeura is intermittently every time you feel a tingle that tells you the virus is waking up. The sooner you start to take it, the better your chances of avoiding or minimizing an outbreak. You can take up to twelve tablets a day and one bottle should get you through an outbreak.

We are so convinced that you will get relief that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. No BS. Follow the directions and you will get results, if not we will refund your money.

I wish you the same freedom I have experienced now that I no longer suffer from painful and embarrassing cold sores. I'm confident it will work for you too!

For a limited time, receive a free bottle of Aeura when you buy one. All we ask in exchange is a testimonial of your experience. Click here to order Aeura 

Andrew Weiss
Former Cold Sore Sufferer & 

Founder of Aeura

FYI – Aeura is designed to be dissolved under your tongue not swallowed. Wait 15 minutes after eating or drinking and then let them slowly dissolve (3-5 minutes). You can chew them if you get impatient but they have a pleasant taste and the longer you let them mix with your saliva, the better/faster they will work. Click here for more tips on how to take Aeura.



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