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Party Smart with These 3 All-Natural Hangover Reducing Tricks

Posted on December 31, 2017

We’ve all experienced them, at least 77% of us anyway… Hangovers! Even though we know how we will feel when we have those extra drinks, we inevitable end of getting caught not feeling so great.

Hangovers have been traditionally been blamed on dehydration. It makes sense because alcohol is a diuretic which means you lose more water. A few glasses of water may help ease hangover pain but doesn’t always do the trick. Newer theories are pointing to toxin build up from alcohol (especially the toxins in wine).

We have all learned our personal tricks over the years, eating a carbohydrate meal before, spacing your drinks with glasses of water, a large greasy meal in the morning, and so on.

Here are a few all-natural hangover remedies that you may have not have heard of that do a great job of going to the source and removing the toxins from the body.

1. Activated Coconut Charcoal – Activated Coconut Charcoal is the world’s oldest and trusted detoxifying remedy and is still used in emergency rooms today for toxic overload. It is a cheap remedy found at health food stores everywhere. Activated Coconut Charcoal acts like an amazing sponge, absorbing all kinds of unwanted junk from your system. It should be taken awhile after drinking alcohol, one capsule for each drink and more the next day as needed. Do not take with food, supplements or medications. Do take plenty of water if taking activated charcoal and follow the instructions on the bottle.

2. MSM Organic Sulfur – When you drink alcohol it gets into your cells and is trapped disallowing oxygen to get in. The cells die of oxygen starvation, causing you to feel ill. MSM makes the cell walls permeable so that the alcohol can be flushed out, along with other toxins, and oxygen can get in. Your body will begin to feel better and the hangover will be gone in a very short time (approximately 20 minutes).

3. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide – You know of hydrogen peroxide for cleaning out cuts, it is a germicidal agent made up of water and oxygen, which makes it the safest natural sanitizer. But did you know that you can buy food grade hydrogen peroxide which gives you countless new ways to use from washing pesticides from vegetables to detoxing your body. Put about 3 or 4 drops of Food grade Hydrogen peroxide (H202) in water to help give your blood an extra oxygen to quickly restore normal levels quickly.

The sure-fire way to avoid a hangover is obviously to not drink however if you do choose to drink keep these remedies nearby the next time you go out and party it up a bit too much and start feeling like yourself much faster. These three lesser-known remedies are inexpensive all natural remedies that will get you feeling better in no time.

Besides quantity what you choose to drink can have a big impact on how big your hangover will be. Research has suggested that the more pure alcohols such as gin or vodka lead to fewer hangover symptoms than drinks that contains large about of congeners such as whiskey, brandy, or red wine. Carbonated drinks in general increase absorption rate  because the bubbles relax the sphincter between the stomach and small intestines, allowing the alcohol to get into the intestines faster. Avoid sugary mixes with your cocktail and definitely avoid diet soda in your drinks.

Always drink smart. Know your limits and NEVER drink and drive. Do not take acetaminophen with alcohol because the damage can be severe. Always Drink responsibly!


3 all natural hangover remedies

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