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About Aeura

Aeura (pronounced A-U-RAH) natural medicine was co-developed by the company founder, Andrew Weiss, and Heel, a German pharmaceutical company specializing in developing and manufacturing medicines made from natural ingredients. Heel, available in over 50 countries worldwide, uses a scientific, evidence based approach to natural medicine by building a bridge between homeopathic and conventional (allopathic) medicine. Mr. Weiss, who suffered from severe cold sore outbreaks for decades, has dedicated his life’s work to developing Aeura and sharing it with all herpes sufferers around the world. He worked with Heel’s scientists to develop this unique homeopathic remedy for the treatment and prevention of all human herpes viruses. 

Aeura is an FDA regulated anti-viral Homeopathic Medicine designed to treat and prevent the symptoms of alphaherpes viruses including Herpes Simplex Viruses 1 & 2 and Herpes Zoster, more commonly known as Shingles. Aeura is a non-prescription over-the-counter (OTC) natural medicine. Aeura Formulas help quickly reduce or eliminate painful, unsightly herpes outbreaks once they are active and, with continued preventative use, help keep them dormant or inactive after an outbreak subsides.

Our Mission

At Aeura, our passion is to restore people to dynamic, vital lives. In fact, we developed our product formulas first and foremost to free people from the pain, stigma, and suffering that the Herpes virus can cause in any of its forms. Aeura is proud to have assisted so many individuals in transforming trial into triumph. We aim to demonstrate how our products can promote greater health and accelerated healing in a wide range of circumstances, simply by boosting the human immune system in a safe, natural manner. Our vision is to serve as a resource for people across the entire globe. No matter what a person’s current location, no matter what their situation, Aeura plans to assist with compassion, insight, and formulas that can make a real, substantial, and lasting difference in people’s lives.

About the Founder

Andrew Weiss, the founder of Aeura, spent years perfecting the product formulation driven by personal need. As a sufferer of frequent and severe cold sores and fever blisters, Andrew had tried every prescription and alternative therapy available with unacceptable results. After exhausting every possible treatment for his painful and embarrassing outbreaks, Andrew began researching. He familiarized himself with homeopathic medicine and the homeopathic pharmacopoeia. Working with scientists from Heel, one of the largest and most respected homeopathic manufacturers out of Germany, the Aeura Formula was perfected after many different formula varieties and personal trials. 

Mr. Weiss started with intermittent treatment therapy, only taking Aeura when he felt the tingling of an outbreak coming on. That changed one day when he was camping in the mountains without his Aeura. Between the stress of the hiking and the sun exposure, Andrew had developed a severe outbreak by the time he returned to base camp. After a few days of Aeura treatment, the outbreak and pain were gone. That was in September 2013, the last cold sore/fever blister outbreak Andrew has ever had. The very next morning, he began taking a preventative dose by taking 3 Aeura tablets under his tongue everyday. While he acknowledges that the virus is still dormant somewhere in his nervous system, he is confident that as long as he continues his Aeura daily treatment, he won't suffer from another outbreak.

Andrew Weiss - Founder, Aeura